TRYING A FACE MASK ft Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Face Mask

TRYING A FACE MASK ft Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Face Mask

I’m relatively new to using face masks, because I’ve always had sensitive skin. I had to first figure out what works for skin, and then try out different stuff. This face mask has become a quick favourite.

I wrote a blog post during August titled: My simple Skin Care Routine, and it included this Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Face Mask. I promised to write a separate blog post for it specifically, so here it is.

So a few months back, I decided to try using face masks. I asked a you guys (those who follow me on twitter) to give me suggestions of face masks, and this one popped up more than once. So I decided to give it a go.

This mask is incredible… why? Well, because of the following:

-Super hydrating and refreshing because its water-based and contains hydrating serum

-Easy to use (applying and removing) and has quick absorption (it sticks to the skin really well)

-Very affordable and widely available (purchased mine from Dischem)

-The mask itself is made of standard tissue, that should fit most (if not all) face sizes and shapes

-Gives a fresh, softer and more radiant look and feel after peel-off

-Dermatologically tested and thus suitable for all skin types (even sensitive skin)

With my dry skin (although its gotten a lot better), this mask was perfect for me. It works for all skin types, as it also helps with rebalancing your skin. It is supposed to help hydrate skin for a week, although I think the effect lasts 4-5 days for me (so, still worth it).

The mask made my skin feel so good that I left it on a bit longer than the recommended 15 minutes. I actually usually keep it on for up to 30 minutes. I have bought quite a number of these and they’ve become part of my weekend skincare routine. It’s perfect for some “me-time” and really helps soothe and relax one.

This mask is very popular and has become a favourite for many. And I understand why. This will always be part of my skincare.

*PS – not a sponsored post.



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