Take time off… from your life

Take time off… from your life

Hey loves,

So as Im writing this, im lying in bed, somewhere in Johannesburg, eating chocolate and just loving life.

Undisturbed. Whole. Happy.  Content

Working full-time these past two years have been really stressful… But this year more than the last.

So i decided to take a day off from work today and take a trip. I just needed time away from work, from my usual day-to-day routine… from my life actually.

I decided on Johannesburg, mainly because Ive actually never stayed in JoBurg before, I’ve only gone through it. I booked this really cute B&B and its really cozy. The view from my room is pretty and the weather is amazing right now.

The view from my bedroom window.

I haven’t done much today, except for having gone out earlier to get some lunch. I’ll defintely head out to the city  tomorrow… maybe get some shopping done. Not maybe… Definitely.

It feels so good to just be able to lie in bed, with nothing to do. No deadlines to meet, no calls to answer. No one to bother me. 

It’s so important to make time for yourself, and sometimes that can only be done by taking time off from your life. Which is exactly what I’m doing this weekend. It just puts my whole being into a peaceful mode. Undisturbed. Whole. Happy.  Content.

I hope your weekend will be as peaceful as mine promises to be .


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