Summer is really here… well, not technically. But its hot, so yes, summer it is. When I was in University, I loved having my hair up in a bun, especially when it got hot. So for the past two weeks, I’ve been wearing my hair in a bun for a change.

I just love up-do’s in general. I love how they make me feel and look a bit youthful and fresh faced. I feel like my skin just looks better with my hair up (or it could just be the skin products I use lol). I love buns, ponytails, anything that leaves all the hair out of my face really.

I don’t wear my hair like this enough, because… protective styling. And its probably been three years since I last wore my hair in a bun, and I kind of missed it. People have said they don’t recommend buns, because of the main fear – it will rip out your edges. But I have to disagree… I think that only becomes a concern if you pull your hair back tightly (which I don’t do).

So why should you try to wear your hair in a bun for summer?

-It keeps you looking and feeling fresh faced

-It makes all your features on your face pop

-Its an easy-to-do, easy styling, quick fix to your hair problems

-Its a simple way to look elegant and soft, without really trying

-It looks cute… need I say more?

(P.S, I took these pictures with my phone during Golden Hour, no filters used) unedited.

What do you think? Are buns something you’re willing to try this summer or are you already on the bun train? Let me know in the comments.



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