Setting Goals… Monthly or Yearly?

Setting Goals… Monthly or Yearly?

So for the longest time, I’ve been one of those “New year’s resolutions and goals” people. Except this year. This past new years (January 2018), I decided that setting yearly goals just isn’t for me. Mainly because I never ever stick to them. like, ever. I always delayed working on my yearly goals because I would always think “oh, I have the whole year to do that”, and before I knew it, the year would be over.So setting yearly goals was just be a waste of my time.

So this past month (August), I decided that maybe monthly goals will be better for me. And I was right.
I set some goals for August, and unlike yearly goals, I actually remembered them and tried really hard to reach those goals. I didn’t reach my goals a 100%, but I will probably give myself a 7/10 for effort. I reached most of my goals, and those that I didn’t, I at least tried.

So I’ve decided that I’ll stick to setting monthly goals for myself. I’ve felt stagnant in many areas of my life, mainly because I never really focused on anything but work. I neglected all other areas of my life. But setting monthly goals has really allowed me time to focus on other parts of my life. And I think its because I didn’t put pressure on myself to reach the goals. And I’m not upset about not reaching all of them.

I am currently jotting down my September 2018 goals, and I’m really excited for this month. These goals have so much to do with my personal life. Self Care is definitely at the top of my list for this month (and for the rest of my life), and because it was one of my nearly achieved goals in August that made me happy to work towards, I am most excited to continue with caring for myself. And of course, a few goals for my blog.

I haven’t shared my goals on this post because I’m still working on them, and maybe once I complete my list, I’ll let you in on them.

But what do you think? Are yearly goals more your thing or do you also believe monthly goals are more realistic? Do you set yearly/monthly goals, if so, what are they? How do you make sure you reach those goals?

Let me know. 


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8 thoughts on “Setting Goals… Monthly or Yearly?

  1. Your style of writing is spectacular, Val! This is such a lovely post. I often struggle with goals that I have set out as new year's resolutions as well. However, I've come to realize that it doesn't matter whether you've put a time restriction on a goal. If you want it with all your heart, you'll achieve it. Be it daily, monthly or yearly. If it means that much to you, then you'll see it come to pass.
    But I guess some goals you'd like to see achieved sooner than others… Ah. The dilemma of life.


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