So I had a very busy Saturday morning yesterday, with so many errands to run. But after a while I decided to go back home, have a rest and continue with my errands some other day.

Since I was super exhausted, but wasn’t in any way sleepy, I thought going for a quick chill by the pool should be relaxing enough. So that’s what I did. Had a little swim and just relaxed.

I definitely felt relaxed after my sim, and I got lucky because the sun was barely out. Its been so long since I’ve even been in a pool, so it was really fun. I’ll probably spend many more afternoons in this pool this December.

I don’t have much planned for today (Sunday), except brunch with some friends and a toiletries run to Dischem… I’ll probably share my purchases in a different blog post.

My weekend was not eventful at all, and I’m happy with that. Especially considering how chaotic life has been these past few months, so I’m just happy I can relax and re-group.

How was your weekend?

xx Val.

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