New Look: BOB CUT

New Look: BOB CUT

A woman who changes her hair is about to change her lifecoco chanel

So I have always been “safe” when it came to hair. I always either had my hair in a bun, braids (twists), or lengthened with weave. I’ve never had any real change in terms of looks with my hair (except this one time in highcshool when I had  red-orange highlight streaks. tragic!).

But last year, I decided to try some short hair. So I did, and  I kind of liked it. I felt different. I didn’t really go as short as I wanted, because I was kind of scared of how I would look, because I just never did the short look before.

But I still felt it wasn’t as short as I wanted, so last week I went even shorter, into a bob type look. And I am happy with the results. I really like the way it turned out, and I think I look great.

The hair still isn’t super short, but its exactly the length I was going for.
However, I’ve realised that shorter hair is definitely harder to manage. It just takes so much more time (especially in the mornings before work), to get it to look right. Sometimes I want it sleek straight, so I have to use a straightener every morning, which is time consuming. And sometimes I want it a bit curled in, which is a whole other process.
Longer hair is definitely easier to manage in my opinion.
But I’ll definitely keep this look for a while though. I really like it.

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6 thoughts on “New Look: BOB CUT

  1. Excuse me, Miss Trendsetter: Those orange highlights served as inspiration for me to get blonde ones! ������

    You look stunning with the bob. It really brings out all of your features. Stunning. ❤️

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