MY (necessary) WEEKEND AWAY

MY (necessary) WEEKEND AWAY

Hey Guys,

I know its been a while since I published a post, but life happened.

Anyway, this past weekend, I took a girls’ trip to the coastal town of Swakopmund, Namibia, with 4 of my friends. It was a much needed break from life in general and I’m happy to say that i got the rest I needed. And what made this trip more exciting was that it was a long weekend (Friday to Monday, because Monday, 10 Dec was Int. Human Rights day… So we had off from work).

Here is a breakdown of my weekend away:


So we traveled on Friday morning (9:30 am), and arrived in Swakopmund at around 1 pm. (we were actually staying a little out of Swakopmund, in Langstrand – a small beach resort area between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay).
We bought some groceries for the weekend and spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach, just hanging out.

We were super tired from the drive so we didn’t have any energy to do much but relax. And relaxing was actually the aim of the trip, so yeah.


My favourite part of this day was actually the fact that I could sleep in (no alarms set) and the breakfast (blessings). I have not been able to sleep-in for the longest time (because, work and life), but this past weekend I could sleep for as long as I wanted and that was really the beauty of the whole trip.

We then spent the rest of the day watching Netflix and just having some girl chat, to catch up. One of my friends introduced me t the show “Black Mirror” and I’m obsessed. I’ll definitely watch all seasons once we officially close for the holidays. Have you seen black mirror? If not, you should.


Sunday was the day we finally decided to do something. We realised we haven’t done any activities (although we had planned to). We decided to go Camel-Riding, because it was the one thing that the whole group hadn’t done in a while.

The last time I was on a camel was in highschool, so yeah, its been a while. The camel ride was fun, although it was a bit scary when we first got on. After a while, you get used to the camel and enjoy the experience.

If you ever find yourself visiting Swakopmund or Walvis Bay, Namibia, I highly suggest you put camel-riding on your to-do list.

After all, what’s better than camel riding in the dunes of our beautiful Namib Desert?
We spent the rest of the day hanging out indoors, playing some classic games like “never-have-I-Ever”over some good drinks and laughter. It was a really fun night overall.


Monday was our last day on Vacay, and the plan was to get up early, clean the house and head out on the road back to reality. But that didn’t happen… We woke up later than expected, so our journey back was later than planned. I slept through most of the journey home because I was exhausted from the night before.

I’m just really grateful to have a group of girls I click with (we’ve been friends since High School), and the fact that we’ve made taking annual trips a thing for us.

Thank you for reading!

P.S. Posts will be more frequent now that I’ll be off work until mid January next year.

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