I cannot believe its been a full month since I started blogging on this blog.

Some of you may know or may not know that this is not my first time blogging, as I’ve been blogging via tumblr and wordpress for a while (on and off), but its only now that I decided to go all in with this blogging thing… I mean, I got my own domain and what not.

Firstly, I want to thank each and everyone and of you for all your support for my blog this past month. You’ve commented, liked, re-posted, shared and given feedback on my blog, via twitter (dm mostly), Instagram and I really appreciate it. I could never have imagined that after just one month of this blog, I would have this much attention on it.

And it makes me so happy when I see where my views are coming from, all the people from different countries that seem to visit my blog… Its mind blowing really.

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Ill set up a blogging schedule, and make sure to stick to it! That way I can make sure this blog stays alive and kicking! I want to show my appreciation for all of you by putting out more (quality) content on a regular basis… I’ll release my blogging schedule once I set it up.

So please do keeping coming back and having a read!

The travel and beauty blog posts will start soon, I was just gathering and planning content.

So I’m so excited to share all of that with you all!

Exciting stuff coming soon.

Until my next post.

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