Here’s to living my best life!

Here’s to living my best life!

Hello loves,

Thanks for popping by.

So yesterday, my family and I left home, to go spend a few days away from the city and rather be close to the ocean… We are staying at a really cute cottage-style house, but right by the beach. Really cosy.

It feels so good to be away. I think I want to move here. LOL. The view is beautiful, especially in the mornings. Photo below from my snapchat (posted yesterday morning on arrival)


My mom woke me up early this morning to ask if I’m joining her & my sister for a morning jog. I literally laughed. I have not attempted to run  since I was in highschool, so jogging is not something I do. But I went anyway (family time, you know?). Although, it ended up being more of a morning walk along the beach, so it was really fun. I might join them tomorrow morning, and the morning after.

I spent the rest of my day planning our stay here (activities and stuff), and now I’m having a (really) late lunch (it’s 17:36 pm). I think my sister and I will go down to the beach a little later, to catch the sunset against the ocean. It should be really beautiful.

What are you guys doing this festive season? Have you travelled away from home? Staying home?



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