I can’t even begin to tell you many pieces of striped clothing I have bought in the past few years. I only recently started getting into stripes, specifically black & white stripes. From blazers, to pants, to tops, you name it.

There are however a few pieces that I cannot even begin to count how many times I’ve worn them because it has been that much. So I decided to post my 2 most used pieces of striped clothing that I’ll definitely be rocking this spring, as always: MY STRIPED BLAZERS.

Yes, its spring, but its still a little chilly, especially in the mornings and evenings. So wearing blazers is to be welcomed in the early spring days, because we can’t wear heavy jerseys and coats anymore.

I’m a working girl, who also loves a good social outing after work. So blazers have become my saving grace in general, because they are prefect for work, and they can be worn after-hours too.


This was my first piece of clothing with stripes that I bought. I bought this a few years ago from TopShop. And I have been obsessed with it since. it has just put together so many of my outfits.

The blazer is very very light to wear, and extremely airy. It does nothing for you if you’re trying to keep warm. It feels like you’re wearing a top really, so I wear this to fulfill my obsession with stripes, not to keep warm. So the great thing with this specific blazer is that it can be worn all year round, and not specifically winter and colder days.


This is one of my favourite pieces of clothing in general. I got this amazing blazer from Mr.Price (Mr.Price is the plug you guys, stop playing yourself). Its not mean to be over-sized, but its in a much bigger size than my own. For a well-fitting and/or tight fit, I’m generally an XS/S but this blazer is a size M. I had to get it in that size because I wanted the over-sized look… and it worked.

Considering how my closet looks right now, and how I can’t seem to walk past striped clothing in stores, am I obsessed with stripes? The answer is maybe. I might possibly be obsessed with stripes when it comes to fashion. And I don’t think I’ll get over them soon.

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