Buying earrings has been an obsession of mine since I pierced my ears (lobes) at 10. I love all types of earrings: hoops, studs, pearls, dangles, ear threads, statements etc.

I wanted to share my favourite from some of the above mentioned categories that I have in my small, modest but cute jewellery collection.


P.S I bought these hoops in Mr. Price. They came in a set of three hoops (These, regular round hoops and heart-shaped hoops).

What girl doesn’t like hoops? I mean, come on. They are the greatest invention when it comes to earrings. The fit every face shape, they make a simple look very dressy and they come in so many different sizes.

I personally love regular sized hoops. Not super small and not those “the bigger the hoop, the bigger the ho” types.


P.S. I bought these studs in Edgars. They came in a set of 8 pairs of studs, with different designs, e.g flowers, roses, pearls etc.

Studs are perfect for any occasion. You can wear them to school, work, church… Anywhere really. They don’t dramatize anything, but rather offer a really simple, yet sophisticated look.

When I first got my ears pierced, I had studs in for years before ever trying anything else. And I still use studs today for my regular day-to-day looks.

You can also include PEARL EARRINGS here. – Nothing, and I mean nothing screams class like pearls. So pearl earrings can fall into many different categories, like studs.


P.S I bought these dangles in

Dangles are similar to drop earrings, but they tend to move freely, instead of be stationery.

I only recently started paying attention to dangles and I love them. They complete a look to make it just the right amount of chic and fun. These can really complete an after work early dinner or drinks, you know?


I got into these earrings when I was about 21, and I still love them here and there. I don’t wear them as much, but I always make sure I have a pair ready.

These are extremely dramatic (well, at least for me). I specifically like the the type of cuff earrings that cover the whole ear. These are great for a night out on the town, or even a fun beach-day….

I have some other different type of earrings, but these types are what I’ve chosen to rock this spring.

What about you? What type of earrings are your favourite? Let me know in the comments.



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  1. I love studs! I also discovered that I can get them easily on kilimall-and since then, I’ve bought 3 sets.
    I also love what you’ve shared here Valery, now I am tempted to go get some hoops-I love the big ones…have you tried glass earrings or the wooden earrings that always have these african themes?

    1. Yes, you should get some hoops. Every girl needs a pair of hoops.

      I haven;t tried glass earrings or african themed once, but I probably should.

      Thanks for reading. xx

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