Balancing Work and Life… How?

Balancing Work and Life… How?

Hey guys,

So today, i wanted to write about something that I personally struggle with.

Balancing working full-time and my personal life.

I work full-time. Monday to Friday, 8-5. So getting some free time for myself is a rarity. But as we all know, having some time for your personal life is very important. So how do I manage it? I don’t.

I can count the number of times I have taken time out for myself, to just do stuff that I want to do, for myself. This is because life gets so busy and I just let it.

Someone told me that if you work full time (which I do), you spend about 80% of your day working. And the remaining 20%, you just want to spend resting your mind and body. Which is exactly what happens in my life. I’ve been feeling so tired lately, so when I’m not at work (during weekends), I would rather sleep, or just laze around and lounge, instead of actually socializing.

I mean, if you are a loner, this is probably great. But I’m not necessarily a loner. Yes, I’m an introvert, but I’m not a loner. I love hanging out with friends, and going out here and there. But a lot of the time, once I’m out, I start feeling drained really quickly. And then I want to leave.

I realised its because I am not balancing my work life and my actual life. For a long time, it was almost like I had no life outside my work. But I’m working on this… And I’ve started to spend more time on my actual life. I have to live this life. And the only way I can is if I balance these two aspects of my life.

How do you balance work and your personal life? And school perhaps?

Let mw know.



16 thoughts on “Balancing Work and Life… How?

  1. I feel you. By the time I get home, it’s about 8pm and my mind completely shuts down. I moved to NYC 2 years ago so I don’t really have many friends (just a small group). Surprisingly I’m ok being with just my boyfriend since I socialize a lot back in my home country. This just proves how draining work can do to us :/

    So my balance is.. I’m ok not having too many friends to hang out with 🙂

  2. This is something I find difficult though. My work life is cool, personal life in terms of socializing is zero. All I do most weekends is take my blog pictures and rest ….to prepare for the new week.

  3. Lovely topic.
    I’m in my Final year of Bachelor’s degree & I’ll be entering into corporate world in next years.
    And I can already sense this “Work-Life Balance” is going to be a tough task.

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