You ever see women dressed a certain way and it just oozes power? I love when that happens. I love seeing people dressed in a way that just demands respect and attention. Obviously we all have different style, and we look at style and fashion differently. But i think we all appreciate a well put-together outfit.

In terms of my style, I think it has evolved in the past couple of years. Back in University, I used to be  more of a boho-chic type of girl. But things have changed in recent times, because I have a full-time, 8-5 job. So I’ve had to change my wardrobe to be more “professional”. And at first, I wasn’t excited about that… But I’ve found a way to still look stylish in my “work wear”.

These days I have to dress like someone who has an actual job, that requires attending meetings and consultations with clients, you know?

Having to dress on the more “professional” side of style never means you can’t still keep your love of crop tops alive, right?
Some sunshine is always necessary

My favourite thing about this look is how it made me feel: POWERFUL. In every sense of the word. I just felt very confident, inspired and in control. And who doesn’t want to feel that way? Now mind you, I don’t dress like this all the time but when I do, no feeling compares.

I’m busy revamping my closet to make it reflect my professional life more and I’m excited to put some more looks together.

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