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So I recently went to a Spa for a Swedish massage, and it was heaven. I got a gift voucher for my birthday for this Swedish Massage and ugh, these are the kind of birthday gifts I appreciate. Mind you my Birthday is in November, but I only went to the Spa during late December because… well, work. I wanted to be able to go to the Spa and not think about doing anything serious, like work. So I decided to use my voucher during the holidays. (sorry, this post is a little delayed).

So the Spa I went to is called BeautyZone, situated in Eros, Windhoek. Its a cute place, the staff was extremely friendly. When I got there, they asked me if I would like something to drink, like water or juice… And I was trying to be healthy, so I said water. That’s a first. LOL. I really loved the interior, very cute. Simple. In a good way.

My appointment was at 11 am, and I was attended to at around 11:15, so not as timely as I would like, but still, I didn’t wait for too long so its fine.

So the massage itself was amazing. I was extremely fatigued and needed some TLC, but still, the massage was everything i needed, and a tad bit more. I would definitely go back to this SPA. My Swedish massage was exactly 60 minutes long, and they really stuck to the scheduled time haha. No extra second!
                         * Swedish massage is a relaxing, full-body massage. A Swedish massage is the most commonly offered massage technique, which uses pressure on the body muscles, through long yet gliding strokes. *
P.S. I didn’t take any photos of myself at the Spa because well, I was half asleep during my massage and I thought of asking the masseuse to snap a few for my (for the blog you know), but it completely skipped my mind once she started. But I’ll make sure to get some pictures next time.
Are you a fan of Spa days? I am. Even a simple full body massage does wonders for me. How often do you do Spa days? 
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  1. Gift vouchers are such an amazing present to receive! I agree the interior is cute and clean! I have never had a massage but a Swedish massage sounds absolutely divine! I love going to the Spa, I went not long ago and it was just what I needed, such a nice little treat. Glad you had a nice time!! xx

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